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 Lord High Inquisitor Peter Newport

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PostSubject: Lord High Inquisitor Peter Newport   Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:14 am

23rd Level Banelich (Formerly Human) (CR 25)

Cleric 3/Church Inquisitor 5/Godhead 2/Dreadmaster 10/Hierophant 3

Age 29 in 1374
Born 25 Flamerule, 1345 DR, "Year of the Saddle." Born under the Sign of the Wheel and with 1st Qtr Selûne under the sign of the Star. Those born under the Sign of the Golden Wheel are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and responsible. Natural leaders, they remain calm in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. Although serious minded, they are cheerful and optimistic and do not give up easily.

STR 8 -1 (14 +2)
DEX 12 +1 (18 +4)
CON -- --
INT 26 +8 (32 +11)
WIS 32 +11 (38 +14)
CHA 24 +7 (30 +10)

18 Fort: 3 3 1 5 - 5 1
16 Ref: 0 2 1 3 4 5 1
32 Will: 3 3 1 5 14 5 1

BAB: 12/7/2 (14)
Melee: 16/11/6
Ranged: 18/13/8

HP: 408
AC: 33 (10+9 Armor +4 Dex+5 Natural+5 Deflection)
Speed: 30
Initiative: 6

Cloistered Cleric: Poor HD, Poor BAB, 6 Skills/level, Linguistics and all Knowledges class skills, Knowledge domain, simple weapons and light armor, spells to the cloistered cleric's class spell list: 0—message; 1st—erase, identify, unseen servant; 2nd—fox's cunning; 3rd—illusory script, secret page, tongues (reduced from 4th level); 4th—detect scrying; 6th—analyze dweomer; 7th—sequester; 9th—vision, Bardic Knowledge (+1)
Divine Magician: 1 Domain, gain Abj, Nec, or Div Arcane spell each spell level.

Reactionary: +2 Initiative
Child of the Temple: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nobility) and Knowledge (religion)

Defensive Abilities: A lich gains channel resistance +4, DR 15/bludgeoning and magic, and immunity to cold and electricity (in addition to those granted by its undead traits). The lich also gains the following defensive ability.
Rejuvenation (Su): When a lich is destroyed, its phylactery (which is generally hidden by the lich in a safe place far from where it chooses to dwell) immediately begins to rebuild the undead spellcaster's body nearby. This process takes 1d10 days—if the body is destroyed before that time passes, the phylactery merely starts the process anew. After this time passes, the lich wakens fully healed (albeit without any gear it left behind on its old body), usually with a burning need for revenge against those who previously destroyed it.
Melee Attack: A lich has a touch attack that it can use once per round as a natural weapon. A lich fighting without weapons uses its natural weapons (if it has any) in addition to its touch attack (which is treated as a primary natural weapon that replaces one claw or slam attack, if the creature has any). A lich armed with a weapon uses its weapons normally, and can use its touch attack as a secondary natural weapon.
Damage: A lich's touch attack uses negative energy to deal 1d8 points of damage to living creatures + 1 point of damage per 2 Hit Dice possessed by the lich. As negative energy, this damage can be used to heal undead creatures. A lich can take a full-round action to infuse itself with this energy, healing damage as if it had used its touch attack against itself.
Special Attacks: A lich gains the two special attacks described below. Save DCs are equal to 10 + 1/2 lich's HD + lich's Cha modifier unless otherwise noted.
Fear Aura (Su): Creatures of less than 5 HD in a 60-foot radius that look at the lich must succeed on a Will save or become frightened. Creatures with 5 HD or more must succeed at a Will save or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to the lich's Hit Dice. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by the same lich's aura for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.
Paralyzing Touch (Su): Any living creature a lich hits with its touch attack must succeed on a Fortitude save or be permanently paralyzed. Remove paralysis or any spell that can remove a curse can free the victim (see the bestow curse spell description, with a DC equal to the lich's save DC). The effect cannot be dispelled. Anyone paralyzed by a lich seems dead, though a DC 20 Perception check or a DC 15 Heal check reveals that the victim is still alive.
Skills: Liches have a +8 racial bonus on Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth checks. A lich always treats Climb, Disguise, Fly, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion), Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, and Stealth as class skills.

An undead creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature's entry).
No Constitution score. Undead use their Charisma score in place of their Constitution score when calculating hit points, Fortitude saves, and any special ability that relies on Constitution(such as when calculating a breath weapon’s DC).
Darkvision 60 feet.
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms).
Immunity to bleed, death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
Not subject to nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune to damage to its physical ability scores (Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength), as well as to exhaustion and fatigue effects.
Cannot heal damage on its own if it has no Intelligence score, although it can be healed. Negative energy (such as an inflict spell) can heal undead creatures. The fast healing special quality works regardless of the creature's Intelligence score.
Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
Not at risk of death from massive damage, but is immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points.
Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect undead creatures. These spells turn undead creatures back into the living creatures they were before becoming undead.
Proficient with its natural weapons, all simple weapons, and any weapons mentioned in its entry.
Proficient with whatever type of armor (light, medium, or heavy) it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types. Undead not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Undead are proficient with shields if they are proficient with any form of armor.
Undead do not breathe, eat, or sleep.

Domains: Knowledge, Tyrany
Granted Powers: You are a scholar and a sage of legends. In addition, you treat all Knowledge skills as class skills.
Recall (Su): With a touch, you can cause a creature to recall some bit of forgotten lore or information. The creature can retry any Knowledge skill check it has made within the past minute, gaining a insight bonus on the check equal to your Wisdom modifier. You can use this ability a number times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
1st—comprehend languages
2nd—memory lapse
3rd—speak with dead
5th—true seeing
6th—modify memory
7th—legend lore
8th—moment of prescience
Granted Powers: Compulsion spells DC +2
Silver-Tongued Speaker (Su): Whenever you make a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Sense Motive check, you can, as a free action, grant yourself a bonus on the roll equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
1. Command
2. Enthrall
3. Discern Lies
4. Fear
5. Command, Greater
6. Geas/Quest
7. Bigby's Grasping Hand
8. Charm Person, Mass
9. Dominate Monster
Channel Negative Energy 2d6, DC 17, 9/Day
Spontaneous Inflict Wounds Spells

Detect Good at will
Inquisition Domain: +4 to Dispel checks
1. Detect Chaos: Reveals chaotic creatures, spells, or objects.
2. Zone of Truth: Subjects within range can't lie.
3. Detect Thoughts: Allows "listening" to surface thoughts.
4. Discern Lies: Reveals deliberate falsehoods.
5. True Seeing: See all things as they really are.
6. Geas/Quest: As lesser geas, plus it affects any creature.
7. Dictum: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonlawful subjects.
8. Shield of Law: +4 AC, +4 resistance, and SR 25 against chaotic spells.
9. Imprisonment: Entombs subject beneath the earth.
Immune to Charms, Compulsions
Pierce Illusion: auto save vs. encounter illusion or disguise spell
Pierce Disguise: +4 Perception vs. Disguises

Inspirational Leadership: The godhead is a naturally gifted leader, the kind of inspirational figure who is remembered in legend and song for centuries after his passing. The godhead’s natural charisma is enhanced by both dedicated training and divine power, giving him a natural authority which draws people to him like flies to honey. At the same time, the godhead’s force of personality is so intense that he can terrify with a glance and a single carefully chosen word and suss out information with just a smile and a friendly clasp on the shoulder.

Beginning at 1st level, the godhead adds half his Wisdom bonus (rounding up) to all Charisma based skill checks. At 5th level, the godhead adds his entire Wisdom bonus to all Charisma based skill checks.

Attract Converts: The godhead’s ability to attract new converts to his faith is unmatched. He is so skilled at doing it, in fact, that he need barely open his mouth to drive even the most ardently opposed to his faith into a swoon. Beginning at 1st level, the godhead is always considered to have rolled a 20 when making Diplomacy checks for the purpose of converting listeners to his church (see Tricks of the Trade for full details of conversion).

Tongues (Su): The desire to believe in something greater than oneself is universal, so language is no barrier to the spreading of the righteous word of the faith, at least not for the godhead. Beginning at 2nd level, the godhead is able to speak and understand any language, as though under a more powerful version of the tongues spell. When the godhead speaks, his words are automatically translated into all languages simultaneously, meaning he can preach to an audience composed of listeners from all the corners of the universe and be perfectly understood by each and every one of them.

Compelling Tone (Su): By carefully modulating his pitch and tone and with use of soothing, subtly hypnotic gestures, the godhead can enthral and fascinate his listeners. Beginning at 2nd level, the godhead can attempt to fascinate, as by the bardic music ability of the same name. In order for this ability to work, the intended target or targets must be within 30 feet of the godhead and able to pay attention to him.

To use this ability, the godhead rolls a Perform check, with the result of the check setting the DC of the Will save the listeners must succeed at to save against the effect. Those who save are unaffected and cannot be affected by this ability again for a full day. Those who fail to save are fascinated; they sit quietly and listen to the godhead’s words, unable to take any other action for as long as the godhead speaks, to a maximum of his class level in rounds. While fascinated, listeners suffer a –4 penalty to skill checks made as reactions, such as Listen and Spot checks. Any potential threat, such as the godhead approaching the fascinated listeners allows the listeners a new Will save against the original DC –5. Any obvious threat, such as the brandishing of weapons, or the casting of a spell, automatically breaks the fascination.

Compelling tone is a mind-affecting, supernatural ability which can be used once a day per 2 class levels.

Dominating Aura: Immune to Fear, Enemies within 60' take -4 morale to Fear saves
Insidious Insight: +2 Sense Motive and Diplomacy (Gather Information) checks
Rodcraft: Rod creation caster level +2
Enhanced Leadership: +6 Leadership Score, does not suffer -2 to score for death of cohorts (up to 5 cohorts, does not suffer -2 to score for cruelty)
Fanatical Loyalty: no special save on commanded folk for doing something opposed to alignment, followers real loyal and shit
Special Cohorts: 2 total

Spell Power: +2 to caster level
Spell-like Ability: Miracle 2/day (9th level slot)
Spell-like Ability: Mage's Disjunction 2/day (9th level slot)

H: Extend Spell
1: Persistent Spell
3: Spell Focus: Enchantment
5: Skill Focus: Intimidate
7: Leadership (41)
9: DMM: Persistent
11: Skill Focus: Diplomacy
13: Skill Focus: Sense Motive
15: Craft Wondrous Item
17: Guildmaster (Extra cohort 2 levels lower than first, doubles followers)
19: Life Bond: Niriscia Nave (+2 Turn Resist, +2 All Saves when she is within 60')
21: Epic Leadership
23: Epic Spellcasting

SKILLS: 163/163
24 Appraise (11) 10 3
30 Bluff (10) 10 3 7
Craft (11)
49 Diplomacy (10) 23 3 7 6
21 Disguise (10) 1 3 7
18 Heal (14) 1 3
36 Intimidate (10) 10 3 7 6
24 Knowledge (Arcana 11) 9 3 1
16 Knowledge (Dungeoneering 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Engineering 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Geography 11) 1 3 1
25 Knowledge (History 11) 10 3 1
16 Knowledge (Local: Cormanthyr 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Local: Dalelands 11) 1 3 1
18 Knowledge (Local: Moonsea 11) 3 3 1
16 Knowledge (Local: Underdark 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Local: Vast 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Nature 11) 1 3 1
16 Knowledge (Nobility 11) 1 3 1
20 Knowledge (Planes 11) 5 3 1
39 Knowledge (Religion 11) 23 3 1 1
21 Linguistics (11) 1 3 6
26 Perception (14) 1 3 8
Profession (14)
48 Sense Motive (14) 23 3 6 2
37 Spellcraft (11) 23 3
16 Stealth (4) 1 3 8

Zero: 4
First: 8+1
Second: 8+1
Third: 7+1
Fourth: 7+1
Fifth: 7+1
Sixth: 7+1
Seventh: 6+1
Eighth: 6+1
Ninth: 6+1 (4+1)

Mithril Chainshirt +5
Ring of Protection +5
Cloak of Resistance +5
Belt of Str/Dex +6
Belt of Int/Wis/Cha +6

Followers: Leadership: 43X2
First: 2200
Second: 220
Third: 110
Fourth: 55
Fifth: 28
Sixth: 14
Seventh: 7
Eighth: 4
Ninth: 2
Tenth: 1

Cohorts: Level 21
Snipe: Level 21 Half-drow
DM9: Xudxithraxum: 32 HD Deathkiss Beholder
DM9: Johanna: Level 21 Ultimate Magus
Karr-Null: Level 19 Jermlaine Druid

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PostSubject: Re: Lord High Inquisitor Peter Newport   Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:37 pm

Divine Magician: 1 Domain, gain Abj, Nec, or Div Arcane spell each spell level.

0 CC: message
1 DM: Alarm, CC: erase, identify, unseen servant
2 DM: Create Treasure Map, CC: fox's cunning
3 DM: Analyze Portal CC: illusory script, secret page, tongues
4 DM: Ray Deflection, CC: detect scrying
5 DM: Telepathic Bond
6 DM: Anticipate Teleportation, Greater, CC: analyze dweomer
7 DM: Avasculate
8 DM: Prediction of Failure, CC: Sequester
9 DM: Mage's Disjunction, CC: Vision


1. Command, Comprehend Languages, Detect Chaos
2. Enthrall, Memory Loss, Zone of Truth
3. Discern Lies, Speak With Dead, Detect Thoughts
4. Fear, Divination, Discern Lies
5. Command, Greater, True Seeing
6. Geas/Quest, Modify Memory
7. Bigby's Grasping Hand, Legend Lore, Dictum
8. Charm Person, Mass, Moment of Prescience, Shield of Law
9. Dominate Monster, Foresight, Imprisonment

Zero: 4
First: 8+1
Second: 8+1
Third: 7+1
Fourth: 7+1
Fifth: 7+1
Sixth: 7+1
Seventh: 6+1
Eighth: 6+1
Ninth: 6+1 (5+1)

Zero: 4
1 Light
2 Mending
3 Read Magic
4 Amanuensis

First: 8+1
D Command
1 Ant Haul
2 Identify
3 Alarm
4 Unseen Servant
5 Protection From Good
6 Protection From Chaos
7 Know the Enemy
8 Know the Enemy

Second: 8+1
D Memory Loss
1 Create Treasure Map
2 Ancestral Communion
3 Analyze Portal
4 Invisibility Purge
5 Enthrall
6 Enthrall
7 Divine Insight
8 Hold Person

Third: 7+1
D Detect Thoughts
1 Analyze Portal
2 Prayer
3 Anti-Dragon Aura
4 Dispel Magic
5 Dispel Magic
6 Summon Monster III
7 Sonorous Hum

Fourth: 7+1
D Fear
1 Detect Scrying
2 Air Walk
3 Air Walk
4 Terrible Remorse
5 Terrible Remorse
6 Freedom of Movement
7 Sending

Fifth: 7+1
D Command, Greater
1 True Seeing
2 Greater Command
3 Greater Command
4 Commune
5 Wall of Stone
6 Ancestral Memory
7 Mark of Justice

Sixth: 7+1
D Modify Memory
1 Anticipate Teleportation, Greater
2 Analyze Dweomer
3 Dispel Magic, Greater
4 Find the Path
5 Harm
6 Greater Glyph of Warding
7 Word of Recall

Seventh: 6+1
D Bigby's Grasping Hand
1 Avasculate
2 Blasphemy
3 Dictum
4 Ethereal Jaunt
5 Slimewave
6 Scrying, Greater

Eighth: 6+1
D Moment of Prescience
1 Prediction of Failure
2 Antimagic Field
3 Euphoric Tranquility
4 Wall of Greater Dispel Magic
5 Extended Repulsion
6 Stormrage

Ninth: 6+1 (5+1)
D Dominate Monster
1 Etherealness
2 Summon Monster IX (1d4+1 Brachiosaurs, Giant Squids, or Rocs, usually)
3 Vision
4 Storm of Vengeance
5 XXX Miracle, 2/Day XXX
6 XXX Mage's Disjunction, 2/Day XXX
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Lord High Inquisitor Peter Newport
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